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11+ Interview - FAQs


How does the interview fit into the overall admissions process at Immanuel College?

The interview is a very important part of our admissions process. It is one of the three things that we look at when assessing a candidate. We want to ensure that every candidate is given the opportunity to shine, which is why we interview everyone alongside the entrance exam. We also look at the reference received from the candidate’s current school.


Why is it important to interview every candidate?

There will be some candidates who do not score highly in the entrance exam or for some reason do not perform well on the day and so the interview is a platform for them to show off their full potential.


What form do the interviews take and who interviews the candidates?

These take the form of small group interviews for about twenty minutes with one of our teachers. This could be one of our Heads of Year, a Head of Department, a member of our Pastoral Team or a subject teacher. They will ask lots of different kinds of questions. Some ‘getting to know you’ questions, some ‘probing questions’ about how the candidate thinks and then there will be a group task. This will be an opportunity for the candidates to show how well they work as a team. We look at how the candidates think differently and how they react when put on the spot. From our point of view, it is not how much or what the candidate knows but more how the candidate thinks.


Interviews can be very daunting so how can you alleviate any fears the candidate may have?

Our aim is that children come out of their interview having enjoyed it. Our team are skilled in bringing out the best in candidates and encouraging them to explore ideas and think differently.


How should we prepare for the interview?

A good night’s sleep is always recommended. The important thing to know is that you cannot revise for interviews, and you cannot give a wrong answer. Of course, it is important for candidates to know and be aware of what is going on in the world around them and to think about what they like and enjoy doing. Most importantly we encourage Immanuel College candidates to remain calm and be themselves.


What are you looking for in a candidate?

We are looking for pupils with the right attitude for learning and that may not automatically be reflected through how they score in our entrance examination. Our process highlights the strengths of children who are curious and come up with ideas and who listen to others and are respectful and kind. We want children who join our school to have a positive experience with us as part of our family.


How do the Jewish values and ethos at Immanuel College play a part in the interview?

We want our candidates to be engaged with – whether curious about it or deeply committed to – their own developing sense of Jewish responsibility and identity. It is important that our pupils grow as thinking and knowledgeable Jews, comfortable with Jewish practice and proud of their Jewish identity and their role as outward-looking individuals in the modern world.