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Israel and Poland Trips

Two life-changing and essential trips are run directly from the JS department: the Immanuel College Israel Trip (ICIT) in Year 9 and the Immanuel College Poland Trip in Year 12. 

Israel Trip (ICIT): Year 9

ICIT is a 3 week trip where Israel is explored and enjoyed in a unique, fun and educational, quite succinctly described as "life-changing" by the pupils. They mature emotionally, spiritually and socially on this amazing trip, which has become a vital part of the Immanuel experience.

During the trip the group travel all around this incredible country, visiting sites and learning its history from our wonderful tour guides.

Feedback from parents includes:

“You managed to motivate, inspire and enthuse the children and develop their love for Israel”

“My son was terribly anxious before the trip but he came home with a big smile and lots of happy memories.  The teachers, security staff and coach drivers all played a part in his happiness as they all became a close knit family”

“You have given our children a truly life-changing experience.  I knew that they would have a good time, but that is an understatement.   My daughter will take away from this so very much that will build her character and inspire her future”

Poland Trip: Year 12

The Poland trip is a powerful and uplifting experience where the students are confronted with both the horrors of the Holocaust but also the richness of what was such a phenomenal, diverse and significant Jewish community in Poland. Pupils often return from this trip with an important and significant reassessment of true and genuine values, both Jewish and general.   The trip includes visiting a number of very moving sites and their stories are told by our incredible tour guides.   

The group cries together, sings together and form an exceptionally special bond on this six day trip.