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Preparatory School Welcome


In line with the aims of the Senior School, the Preparatory School has at its heart the desire to support and nurture the children in our care to achieve academic excellence together with providing expert pastoral care and an inspiring Jewish education.

Simply, we want to enable the children to mature into “whole, happy people”.

Our pupils enjoy an academically challenging environment which is vibrant, happy, creative and stimulating. Our teachers have high expectations of our pupils and, within a nurturing environment, support them in order that they make excellent progress.

We aim to develop intellectual independence and an enduring love of learning for its own sake, thereby equipping children for the challenges of a rapidly changing world, as well as providing them with the knowledge and skills they need for their everyday lives - both now and in the future. The Independent School Inspectorate found that “Extremely high levels of self-confidence are demonstrated by all pupils with an excellent understanding of how to progress. All ages of pupils show personal pride in the quality of their work and their ability to experience and benefit from the offerings inside and outside of the classroom.” (ISI Report, June 2019)

Pastoral Care is central to our school; the happiness and well-being of every pupil is of the utmost importance. Working together, our entire staff structure from school leaders to support staff, in conjunction with parents, ensure that “pupils of all ages articulate a strong understanding regarding their physical and mental well-being. They appreciate a balanced approach to life, demonstrated in their participation in physical education and sports. In discussion pupils stated that their well-being including mental health is supported by a range of pastoral staff, and that they are given good opportunities to stay fit and healthy in mind and body. They further confirm that they understand how to keep safe online and in cyber-space."  (ISI Report, June 2019)

Jewish education at Immanuel College Preparatory School is exciting, inspiring and relevant.     Our curriculum is broad and balanced, Modern Orthodox in outlook, giving the pupils a detailed understanding of Jewish customs and practices, access to and understanding of Biblical and Rabbinical texts and a love for Israel. 

It reflects the rich and varied rhythms of Jewish life, giving children the opportunity to both study and experience first-hand the tools, knowledge and excitement of being Jewish. The Independent Schools Inspectorate found that "the strength of family and togetherness which is clearly apparent in the pupils reflects the commitment of the leadership to create an aspirational and supportive ethos, built upon Jewish values to which the pupils readily respond.” (ISI Report, June 2019)

Extra-curricular activities are woven into the fabric of our school. Children can attend clubs ranging from Tech to journalism, and gardening to art. There are music and drama opportunities on an individual basis in addition to our whole school performances which are staged twice a year,  and there are also a variety of class presentations made to the school community and to guests. Our Choir is developing a great reputation and has performed alongside the Senior School Choir as well as the Shabbaton Choir at a variety of charitable events.  

Immanuel College Preparatory School…incredible, caring, productive, safe… Please be in touch if you have any questions or would like to come to visit; time spent here will tell you more than I possibly can.

Alexis Gaffin, B.Ed (Hons) (Cantab.) 

Head of Immanuel College Preparatory School