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UCAS for Parents


1. An introduction to UCAS

Our first video for parents at Immanuel College aims to help explain each stage of the UCAS process. In this video we outline what UCAS is, how it works, how one applies, and the measures universities use to judge students.

2. The IC UCAS Programme

In this video we look at the approach Immanuel College takes to help support students through the UCAS process. At its heart it is about long term structured support and personalisation, all underpinned by a dialogue between students, the school, and parents.

3. Common questions

In this video we cover the most common questions we receive from parents at the start of the UCAS process. This includes how choices work, what the Russell group is, securing accommodation/funding, how important work experience and co-curriculars are, missing offers, and whether students can apply for different courses.

4. Longlisting courses


The first task in the UCAS process is to start considering what students want to get out of doing a degree, reflecting on their goals and potential career routes. Through this they can start longlisting potential course options for further research and discussion, with this process forming the basis of the eventual shortlist.